Waldport Shopping Guide


  OCEAN BEACHES GLASS BLOWING & GALLERY, 11175 NW Coast Hwy, Seal Rock, Or. 97376  (541) 563-8632  1-888-469-7449.   Hand Blown Art Glass and other fine art, bowls, lamp shades and vases.  5 miles north of Waldport in Seal Rock.


  BRIAN McENENY WOOD CARVING GALLERY, 10727 NW Pacific Coast Hwy Seal Rock, Or. 97376 (541) 563-2452.  In the small coastal community of Seal Rock, (9 miles south of Newport), you'll find the Brian McEneny Woodcarving Gallery. The gallery opened in 1989. While Brian is the only carver that actually carves at the gallery, you'll find the work of 12 to 15 carvers featured in the gallery at any one time. The work you'll see inside the two story gallery varies from small intricately detailed pieces to large smooth free flowing sculptured marine life.